• Creativity, Challenges, Experience
  • Active Entertainment
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Cooperative/Competitive modes focused on business goals


  • Motivation, Retention, Social Benefits
  • Corporate Gamification ERPs, CRMs, Sales Pipelines
  • Event and Festival Gamifcation focused on organizer's objectives.

Experiential Marketing and Events

  • Fully immersive experiences
  • Cutting edge technologies - VR/AR/Microelectronics
  • Interactivity through Game Design, Theater, Multimedia content

Our Products

The Conquerors

A human-sized board game with emphasis on tactics, strategy and collaboration. The Four Kingdoms fighting for total dominance over the battlefield are challenged with various trivia and logical challenges, together with additional bonus activities.

  • 16-100
  • 90 - 150 mins

Treasure Hunts

The classic Treasure Hunts and not classic at all in DextrActive, but rather an immersive experience with actors, augmented reality and riddles, bonded by social, mental and physical challenges.

  • 10-1000
  • 90 - 240 mins

The Detectives

The Detectives is the amazing follow-up of the initial Room Escape experience in Dextrophobia Rooms, boxed together in both an actual box full of puzzles and a mysterious story of unexpected crime. At the end the teams are combined in a collaborative effort to solve the case..

  • 21-140
  • 75 - 120 mins

Custom Campaigns

From Experiential Marketing campaigns with an imprisoned James Bond during the gala of Spectre, through sense theater for recruitment in Despark, to crazy weddings with kidnapped bride. Just ask us below.

  • Anything, Anytime, Anywhere

Our Projects

Our Customers

Borislava Georgieva
HR Manager
Naxex Technological Development

“I’d like to thank to the whole amazing DextrActive team for their professional behavior during our Team Building activity in July 2018 and for their amazing creativity in applying their Detective Game for the goals of our company and in the accompanying environment of the event. All of our colleagues engaged with the experience and with each other, while having great fun. Definitely recommended, especially for multi-national teams as was our case.

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